Note from the Chair: Update, the English Readings Endowment

I know that no one really likes to talk about money, but I’m going to do so for a bit.  Our English Readings Endowment is now over $128,000.  That’s a great accomplishment and something for all of us to be proud of.  That fund helps us bring nationally known writers to Whitworth for our readings.  As large as the fund is, it produces a little over $5,000  in interest that we can use for the readings.  While that does seem like a lot of money for a reading and classroom visits that fund also goes to cover the readers’ air fare, lodging and meals.  It’s strange to think that now, many big name writers now ask for $10,000-$20,000 for such appearances.

In addition, two years ago, with the passing of Nadine Chapman, the department established the Chapman Readings Endowment to help fund appearances by local and regionally recognized writers.  And, we would also like this fund to help support our new journal Rock and Sling.  The Chapman Fund, at this point, is very small, and we need to raise $25,000 in three years so the fund can be vested  (that is, allowed to exist).

I really don’t like fund raising, but I don’t mind doing so for causes such as these two readings endowments.  I’d appreciate anything that you could give to these funds, and so when you give, please designate where you’d like your money to go.  We couldn’t have these endowments and these readings without your support and attention.  Thank you for what you’ve given so far.

To give, please call the Advancement Office at 509.777.3243 (Spokane) or toll-free at 800.532.4668.

Doug Sugano, Chair

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