Hitchhiking to Bolivia (with Collin Stewart)

We’ve been enjoying updates from 2010 English alum Collin Stewart’s Hitchhiking to Bolivia blog.  The title isn’t a metaphor.

A sample:

A great hunk of rusting grey and spluttering metal was already swaying away from its stop.  A goat was standing on top of it, tethered to the rack, and would crash hard onto its side with every slightest bump.  I sprinted up the road yelling and the van put on its brakes.  The goat did a faceplant into the roof.  I came around the van to the side with the sliding doors to see about 40 people and about 80 eyes, all fixed on me from inside this 16 passenger van.  I was hustled inside, crouched double and facing everyone, with the gear shift in a precarious position between my legs.

Another sample :

His Photos are Good, Too.

Go take a look.

(And send us a note if there’s an article or blog or other alumni- or Enlgish-related anything out there you’d like us to consider posting on this blog.)

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