A word from our Chair

Here I am, sitting in my office, looking at the western side of the Loop, a view dominated by Weyerhaeuser (such a long word with so many vowels) and trees.  It’s the beginning of the Fall term, actually about 4 weeks into it.  My weekend was great, largely because of Maggie Bullock (Wolcott’s) and Ethan Wolcott’s wedding on Saturday in bucolic Elk.  It was on Camden Farm, a great place with thousands of Christmas Trees of various heights and girths.  Below you will see what a great time we had.  Annie, our stalwart program assistant, set up the photo booth and forced us to mug for the pictures.  When I say “forced” I’m not joking.  There were props—specific props—appointed for (foisted upon) each of us.  How lucky are we?  At any rate, the day was lovely.  About 90 degrees, outside, nice ceremony, I watched a hawk soar above, I watched Fred entertain his son Liam among the tiny trees, and the reception in the “barn” was filled with things to do— dancing, talking, avoiding dancing, the picture booth, eating great food, catching up with friends, and meeting new people.

Last Tuesday, Sept. 20, was Community Building Day, and that was eventful.  For about an hour, we watched in wonder as large rocks were being delivered and placed in the Westminster Courtyard.  Many of the English and Art faculty watched agog at the machinery, but then we all got to work spreading manure (literally, not talking about what we do in classes), moving plants, and planting bulbs.  You should come back to see the courtyard, particularly next spring.

Call me an optimist (few do), but I think that the department is doing well.  We have a great mixture of senior profs (Leonard, Laura, Vic,  Laurie, Pam and I), younger profs (Casey, Fred, Nicole, Michelle, and Jack), and full-time lecturers (Maggie, Thom, Angela, Sarah, and Chad).  We work well together, for the most part, and we enjoy working together.  Yes, the pictures can be deceptive, but at very least they indicate the type of tyrannical power that Annie holds over all of us.  Hope you are well.


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