In Which Annie Stillar Defies Weather Forecast For An Epic Hot Dog & Book Sale 2012

Among the many Whitworth rituals that wind down the academic year, the English department’s annual Hot Dog & Book Sale is one of my favorites. The event raises money for the courtyard garden between Westminster and the Lied Art Building. It’s a chance to take a break during the last Friday before finals, grab some lunch, chat with friends, and ponder the mysteries of the universe (such as those pictured above).

Our fearless leader, Annie Stillar, recruited student and faculty to help with the event, including grill master Jack Downs (above).

Folks from many departments showed up for the fun.

EL majors were well represented, including Ana Quiring (above) and Shannon Kelly (at the moneychanger table, below).

EL department spouses and offspring, including Liv Larson Andrews (below, navy cardigan) and Molly Shaw Johnson (below, rad red print coat), enjoyed the event, too.

After the sale, some of us shuffled off to class or office hours, and regrouped later for the Script reading in the HUB. What a great day to be an EL major!

Big thanks to Annie Stillar for convincing the clouds not to rain until after the event. Three cheers for all who stopped by yesterday, and for those who donated books, time, and effort for the Hot Dog & Book Sale 2012.

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