Students From Creative Nonfiction Workshop Publish in Airplane Reading

We’ve just finished commencement weekend at Whitworth. It’s a time of celebration for our graduates and their families.

I’d also like to congratulate students from EL 347 Creative Nonfiction Workshop who’ve recently published in the online anthology Airplane Reading. (The image above is one cover of Checking In/ Checking Out, co-written by the site’s editors Mark Yakich and Chris Schaberg).

Get a jump start on your summer reading by checking out their essays:

Mitchell Linn Harris (EL ’12): A Brief Guide To Winning the War (For the Armrest)

Lauren Hunt (EL ’13): Missed Connections

Elaine Bassier (Sociology ’13): Unaccompanied Minor

Krystal Valle (EL ’13): If I Lived In A Disney Movie, We Would Have Ended Up Married

Lydia Buchanan (EL ’13): When It Comes To Flying

Katie Harriman (EL ’14): Baby Vomit and the Pains of Single Motherhood

Jessie Hodet (Psychology ’12): A Birthday Jinxed

Susan Vander Kooi (Art ’13): Fears and Affections

Emily Roth (Communications ’12): Experiential Learning

Jourdyn McClain (EL ’13): The Airplane God Doesn’t Mind Me

Kyle Talbot (EL ’13): Please, Not Dallas!

Asia Stephens-Argraves (Biology/Chemistry ’13): Oh, Airplanes! Gotta Love Them

(The two photos above are from Airlines History.)

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