Internship Spotlight: Jacquelyn Wheeler (’12) Coordinates Browne’s Addition 2012 Concert Series

EL major Jacquelyn Wheeler (’12) recently graduated from Whitworth. Jacquie’s many accomplishments include her role as editor of Script, Whitworth’s student-run literary journal, and the EL department’s Writing Track award for a graduating senior. Jacquie lives in Browne’s Addition, Spokane’s hippest neighborhood (in my unbiased opinion). This summer she’s coordinating the Browne’s Addition Concert Series. Jacquie submitted the photos, including the ones below of local band Six Foot Swing and of a happy audience at one of last year’s shows in Browne’s.

Jacquie on Jacquie:

I’ve been studying literature and writing. My primary interest moving forward is writing, editing, design, and oil painting. I grew up living just outside of Portland, Oregon. I’ve kept a blog for about four years now: (though it hasn’t been updated since fall, something about senior year, but I’ll get back to it soon).

Jacquie on Her Internship with the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood Council

I first got involved with the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood Council because I had just moved to the neighborhood for the sake of preaching the gospel alongside my church community that lived there. Part of loving a place with the love of Christ involves knowing its needs and striving to serve in that capacity. BANC needed a Concert Series Coordinator, and at least three different people approached me, saying that I would be great for the job. I accepted the position at the Christmas party in December, and I’ve been working since January to raise support, organize fundraisers, keep track of the budget, publicize, book talent, secure insurance and permits, design and print programs and posters, and coordinate volunteers for a series of nine concerts that take place every Thursday evening in July and August.
I doubt I would have had the confidence to take on a project so much bigger than me if it weren’t for the support of my church family. Another group in the neighborhood is in charge of the big fundraiser event, my roommate is taking on the challenge of getting sponsors, and my pastor is coordinating volunteers from the church. Another council member is a yoga teacher in the neighborhood, and she’s offered to teach classes on Monday afternoons with a donation for the series. They pay me a stipend of $1200, which I am trying to figure out how to invest back into the neighborhood, because I would do this job for free.

Jacquie on the Importance of Internships:

Talk to professors with connections in your area of interest, and be involved in the community outside Whitworth (where those opportunities are). I have had this job and one other internship during my time at Whitworth. The first was a job as an editorial assistant at Gray Dog Press, which I learned about because I asked for Spokane publishing connections from Thom Caraway, who then introduced me to Marcus, the GDP senior editor. I found this concert coordinator job due to my prior community involvement. I can’t advocate enough for the importance of dipping your toe in the practical-application side of a field. It gives you a taste of what you’ll be dealing with when you leave college life, helps you know how to market yourself in that field (and others) because you know firsthand what it demands, and allows you to give back to the community.

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