Majors Abroad: Claire LePage (’11) Shares the Straight-Up Beauty of Honduras

Claire LePage graduated from Whitworth in 2011 with a major in English Literature and minors in Theology and Peace Studies. She recently sent us this dispatch and photos from Honduras, including this one of little girls in a pony race:

Hello Whitworth English Department!

I miss you all.  I’ve spent this year in Siguateqeque, Honduras, working as a preschool assistant and as an ESL teacher for adults. It’s been a challenging year but a good one. One of the best things about it has been the straight-up Beauty, capitalized, of this part of the world.  There’s a mango tree near my house that looks like this:

That little room where all the branches come together is perfect for reading in with tea, and is also the neighborhood casa del arbol. On different weeks, the kids have covered the tree with glitter and rigged it with a pulley system for secret messages. Love the tree.

Another tree near my house is blooming like this right now:

This is the view from the comedor where I teach evening classes, at about 6pm:

And here are some pictures of me as a teacher, just to prove I’m really doing it.

With the preschoolers:

With a class of parents:

But really, friends, I have seen the most incredible things this year. We travelled to Antigua in October to renew our visas and went to a kite festival celebrating the Day of the Dead. There were kites made out of crepe paper and bamboo that were 40 feet tall:

I got engaged:

Heather Wallace and I met up in Antigua over Semana Santa and saw 7-ton floats of Jesus and Mary carried over alfombras of sawdust and vegetables:

Last weekend some of the other teachers and I visited a waterfall named Pulhapanzak. This happened:

It’s been a spectacular year. I’ve missed the English department, but (to quote Pam) I feel like y’all have travelled with me in space if not in place.

So much love.


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