Creative Writing Sampler: Katie (Rocketship) Daroff (’12) on Overcoming Pinterest

As the photo above suggests, Katie Daroff (’12) is good with a joke. She just finished a new piece of creative nonfiction called “Overcoming Pinterest,” which you’ll find below. But first, the facts.

Name: Katie (Rocketship) Daroff

Age: 23

Birth Place: Berkeley, California

Favorite Color: Pink

Life Goal: Become a crazy cat lady or write the next great teen fiction series

Greatest Accomplishments:

1) Becoming a Noble Dragon Slayer

2) Getting my cat off my laptop

3) Graduating

4) Making the U.S. Olympic Awesomeness team (none of the events are televised)

Favorite thing in her house: The Pirates Only sign in my living room.

Greatest Weakness: Writing personal bios. Check out my blog instead.

During the dark, dead, depressing months of winter, I made a mistake. While wrapped up in a super hero blanket with pink dinosaur slippers covering my half frozen feet, I logged onto my computer (of course this was after I completed all my work for the evening because I am responsible young lady). I typed the word “Pinterest” into the search bar. I requested an invitation to join the world’s largest online pin board. Unsure of how many online pin boards there could possibly be, I held back on being impressed.

My invitation came almost immediately from a woman in my parents’ church. I thought this was appropriate, seeing as she was the person who had first told me about this strange and mystic online world. Every time I saw the woman, she had something new and crafty that she had whipped up on display. She wore felt flowers in her hair with rhinestones that she “glued on herself” and knew 18 different ways to tie her scarf to make it look stylish with the dresses she had made herself. She had a ring she’d made out of a fork from her grandparents’ wedding silverware that was, she explained with a flourish of her hand, “much easier to make than it sounded.” I was thoroughly impressed with her, and every time I asked her how she learned to do something she simply stated “I saw it on Pinterest.”

I signed up. It sounded like the most wonderful place. It was a place with crafts but crafts that were so much more socially acceptable than the boondoggles and friendship bracelets I had learned to weave at camp. Honestly, I did not have enough friends to continue making friendship bracelets for much longer.

I had a case of crafter’s lust. I wanted to make everything and have it all be perfectly lovely. I pinned away hour after hour, always telling myself that once I got the supplies or learned to sew I was going to come back to that project, ignoring the voice of reason, who shook his head and muttered, “no you won’t.”

I pinned and pinned. March crept up on me. The long winter months were over. It was time to start the crafts requiring spray paint. It was time to remove my dinosaur slippers and get to work. Instead I continued as I had since Christmas, sitting on my couch, carefully selecting all of my future craft projects and with every click of the mouse muttering “I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll have time tomorrow.”

I found a tutorial for a bag that required no sewing. I thought, “I’ll do that someday, it seems cool.”

The days were growing longer and the voice of reason was growing less passive. “NO!”

It turns out that waiting until you have the skill to do the more advance crafts is not the way to get over crafter’s lust. The voice of reason had had enough of my shenanigans. I made the bag. It looked awful. I tried again. “Clearly,” I thought after more unsuccessful simple craft attempts, “I am out of my league.” I gave up. Maybe my friends wouldn’t mind too terribly if I made them each another friendship bracelet instead.

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