Rosie McFarland (’14) Makes A Video To Address The Perennial Question: Why English?


Rosie McFarland (above) recently made this video about the joys of majoring in English. Check out the star-studded cast!

Rosie (’14) is studying English and theology at Whitworth. Rosie notes that film has fascinated her from a  young age, and she began to make videos at 10 years old. She started a YouTube channel (Lostbetweenthepages) this last October to motivate herself to make new videos regularly. She’s found that what she had previously identified as a hobby is now a passion. Rosie is entering her first film festival this February.

When asked about the impetus for this recent project, Rosie replied: “I made this video because I have heard so many people say that English majors are only good for teaching or nothing. I know this isn’t true, so I wanted to ask people who were smarter than me why they were English majors. The result was fantastic. I also wanted to try a different style of video than I was used to.”

Thanks, Rosie, and good luck in the film festival!

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