Tea Time For Brontes & Gaskell Seminar Students

tea party

by Ana Quiring (’14)

Last month, our Brontes and Gaskell seminar, led by the illustrious Pam Parker, had the chance to get back to our Victorian roots with a tea party as Taste and See Tea in North Spokane. We were treated to a delightful and never-ending parade of tea with names both titillating and sublime (Cabana Boy and Creme d’Earl come to mind), as well as a delicious tasting menu of dainty sandwiches and scones. The outing fit perfectly with our discussion of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, which features more than one tea party, always rife with careful propriety, class tension, and witty repartee. Although we can’t boast the first two nearly as well, I’d like to think we had the last in spades.

Ana Quiring is an English major, a Brontes and Gaskell enthusiast, on a good day, and a teacher’s assistant for whomever will have her, mostly Pam Parker.

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