EL Alum Updates: Michele Ward (’10)

michele ward

As a 2010 English (Writing Track) grad, I’ve participated in a writing residency (poetry and creative nonfiction) as part of my graduate program, continued to work as a freelance writing consultant (Writing Center jobs totally pay off!) and read at a Vagina Monologues event where other women and I shared pieces about our own bodies. I would certainly say that my English degree has accompanied me into my life post-college.

Currently, I work as a youth director at Wallingford Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington. I am a graduate student at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in the divinity program. I intend to pursue ordination through the Presbyterian Church (USA) with the intention of becoming a Minister of the Word and Sacrament. My theology minor has come in particularly handy as I entered graduate school, but my English degree is the one that challenged me to think critically, engage my intuition with my mind and to argue well. Without those skills, I would not be an effective writer or serve my church community as well. The training I received did truly educate my mind and my heart. I am grateful for the professors who taught me how to write well, speak clearly and follow my passion for writing.

Michele Ward is an English alum (’10) who lives in Seattle, Washington and originally hails from Oakdale, California. Since graduation she has traveled to Thailand, Haiti and Scotland. She writes (intermittently) for two blogs: Foolish Hope and Talk to a Potato.

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