Internship Spotlight: Josie Camarillo (’14) on Spokane Faith & Values


I recently began a copy editing internship at Spokane Faith & Values. SpokaneFAVS is part of the Religion Newswriters Association. Basically, SpokaneFAVS is a website that provides news for and from different faith perspectives. It is not only a news website, but a platform for community discussion.

So far, in the month or so that I have been working with Tracy (who is a fantastic boss, by the way), I have learned more about AP Style and Religion Style (yes, that is a legitimate thing in news writing) than I ever imagined I would want to.  I have also learned about the existence of some awesome coffee shops in the Spokane area (i.e., Morning Sun Bakery and Revel 77), become an Oxford comma Nazi, fallen in love with the invention of hyperlinking and most importantly, learned about some perspectives outside of my own.

The posts that I edit are written by Protestant Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Mormons and Religious Scientists, just to name a few of the worldviews represented at SpokaneFAVS. I edit opinion blogs, news articles and poetry (if you’re interested in spirituality in poetry, check out Christi Ortiz). My role is much more diverse and personally diversifying than I could have imagined.

On September 16, I was privileged to attend the first ever SpokaneFAVS mixer at the Lantern Tap House (my life was greatly improved by eating their sweet potato fries with parmesan). I was able to meet some of the writers for whom I edit and a few of their families. It was a beautiful thing to see so many varied faith perspectives in a room together, chatting amiably: atheist, pluralist, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, etc.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in stimulating, intellectual discussion about faith and ethics among a variety of different perspectives, attend a SpokaneFAVS Coffee Talk. These are engaging forums open to the community. The bloggers write on a specific subject for a few weeks; then, once a month, a panel of people from different perspectives convenes in a local coffee shop to bring the online conversation into the local community. The next one is at Chairs Coffee on Indiana Ave. on October 5 at 10 a.m.

Throughout this fall semester, I will be back to update ya’ll on my further adventures as a religion news copy editing intern. Until then, ta-ta for now, and check out my author’s page on SpokaneFAVS, here.

Josie Camarillo is a senior English writing and psychology double major at Whitworth. Her hobbies include horseback riding, writing poetry, drinking copious amounts of tea and photography. She wrote a post about rodeo photography for the English blog last year.

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