Congratulations to Dr. Laurie Lamon for her upcoming poems “Pain Thinks of the Body” and “Pain Thinks of a Morpheme” in The Literary Review, “Just Say” in J Journal: New Writing on Justice, and “Taking off my black skirt” in Quiddity.

Also, her poem “Watering the Maple” was featured as Ascent’s poem of the month for this past June.

Laurie shared with us her poem “Taking off my black skirt” and commented, “I started this poem over 12 years ago, and just found the ending this summer.”


Taking off my black skirt

I noticed the half-inch crescent of white I must have
worn since morning when I tore a fingernail and clipped
and filed it before coffee and world news,
before the crease of wool would wear against my thighs
a thousand times—it was dust fallen
from the right hand, maker of orchards and clocks,
maker of shoes and light bulbs and the spine’s
titanium rods—it was dust fallen from the left hand’s
books and maps, x rays and sticks of pastel,
a garden’s verdigris and thread of ants, the roots
of roses centered and bathed in soil beneath winter straw.
Taking off my black skirt I saw what the body,
aging and pointillist, keeps for itself: less than spice
or smoke, less than eternity, the hand’s imaginary thresh.


While on the topic of black skirts…meet Maude, a beloved member of Laurie’s family.