Internship Spotlight: Josie Camarillo (’14) at SpokaneFAVS

josie camarillo photography

At the beginning of October, I wrote a post about my initial forays into a copy editing internship that I am doing for credit this semester. Well, now, I’m back to update you all on that same internship at Spokane Faith & Values.

I have continued to learn ever more about AP Style and Religion Style as well as about various faith perspectives. I have attended another mixer, at No-Li Brewhouse this time, and it was just as filled with interfaith dialogue and friendship as before. I have also recently invited my editor, Tracy, over for dinner at my house and used her as my guinea pig for a new vegetarian enchilada recipe.

Additionally, I finally visited the infamous Indaba Coffee for SpokaneFAVS’ most recent Coffee Talk. Indaba’s baristas make a mean chai with foam art hearts (see photo). I’m pretty sure that one of the baristas used to work in the Mind & Hearth coffee shop on campus, actually. Anyways, Indaba will be hosting the SpokaneFAVS Coffee Talks for at least another month or two. The next Coffee Talk will be at 10 a.m. on Dec. 7. I am usually one of the very few college students who attends these events and will be unable to attend the December one due to my obligations as a senior psychology major, so they’d love to have you!

The most exciting news that I have for the English Department’s lovely readers, though, is that I have been published on the website! Tracy has been coaching me on the skills necessary to turn long press release into briefs. Brief writing is an artful mix between copy editing and actual writing. The press releases that we receive from some places (like Whitworth, I am proud to say) merely need pared down, but other press releases use ill-conceived diction and grammar or just ramble on for pages. If you check out my author’s page on SpokaneFAVS, found here, you can peruse all of the lovely briefs that I have written in the last month or so.

Well, that’s all that I’ve got for you beauteous readers for now, but don’t worry … I’ll be back! I plan to check in at least once more with the English Department fan base before the semester gives way into Christmas break.

Happy Thanksgiving (a wee bit early)!

Josie Camarillo is a senior English writing and psychology double major at Whitworth. Her hobbies include horseback riding, writing poetry, drinking copious amounts of tea, and photography.

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