EL Alum Updates: Dani (Dubois) Erickson and Katie Palmer on Holistic Living


3 Tips on Living a Holistic Life

by Dani Erickson

Katie Palmer and I went through Whitworth together as fellow English majors with a mutual love of beauty. We bonded over the complicated grace of poetry, the intense yet gratifying allure of writing workshops, and the multifaceted satisfaction of a good cup of coffee.

Beyond that, we both found inspiration in the creativity of lifestyle blogs. And, at the same time, we also had a similar feeling of dissatisfaction in the depth of those blogs. They seemed to be so focused on superficial things: the next great sweater, the perfect hostess gift. We love these things, but we also crave more.

 So, we came together to create our own website — She’s Charming — where women in particular can be inspired to be better people while also getting a daily dose of all things beautiful. We share the latest trends in fashion and decor, our favorite eats and travels, but most importantly, we challenge women to work on their inner-selves and on their career.

Our platform is based on living a holistic life, and we personally try to follow a few tips as we pursue this goal. Take a look, and if our principles ring true with you, head on over to shes-charming.com for more.

1. Invest locally.

Community is arguably the most important part of life, so if you don’t invest in those around you, you’ll never see the importance. Cultivate a solid foundation wherever you are, so you can have the support and confidence to develop all areas of your life. Learn from each other, challenge each other, and grow together.

2. Explore the world.

Just as important as our local community is engaging with new and foreign things. As Katie wrote in one of our recent posts, seeing and experiencing new things informs how we look at the world. She writes, “The reason I travel is for that moment when you return home and your ordinary world looks slightly different.” We fully believe exploring outside of the ordinary is essential to living holistically for this very reason. Chase after opinions and ways of life that are different from you own — there’s always something new to learn.

3. Constantly work to improve yourself.

There are few things more satisfying than conquering the task before you. Maybe it’s a goal you’ve set, a long-term project you finally finished, or simply a bad habit you kicked once and for all. Be competitive with yourself to inspire growth. While it’s important to focus on one thing and hone your craft, it’s also crucial to pursue a balance of all areas of life in order to lead a holistic one. Improve your skills, improve your goals, improve your relationships and in doing so, improve yourself.


Dani graduated with an English degree from Whitworth this past year, and now lives in Seattle and works at Nordstrom as a product copywriter. She enjoys that fast-paced urban environment, the awe-inspiring views that Seattle has to offer, and passing exactly six coffee shops on her five-block walk to work.


Katie, a recent graduate from Whitworth University with an English degree, now works for People to People Ambassador Programs promoting travel for young students. She lives in Spokane, Wash., where she enjoys sampling the local coffee shops and is constantly dreaming of her next adventurous getaway.

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