Writing Awards and Essay Contest


Writing Awards Contest:

It’s that time again, the time to look back at all that you have written (after March 22, 2013) and pick the best to submit to the English Department Writing Awards. The award will be applied to the following academic year, thus seniors are not eligible.

Categories: Best Paper in Writing I, Best Lower Division Research Paper, Best Upper Division Research Paper, Best Narrative, Best Poetry, and Best Essay

Deadline: Friday, March 21

For more information click here, or contact Annie Stillar at astillar@whitworth.edu

WaCLA Essay Contest:

Don’t miss the chance to win $1000 by submitting an essay addressing the prompt below and cover sheet to Julia Shanholtzer in Robinson Science Hall 103.

Statewide prizes are $1000 for first prize and $750 for second prize for both senior/junior and sophomore/freshmen divisions. At the Whitworth level of competition, students can win a first prize of $100 or second prize of $50.

Prompt: In 2012, Washington STEM’s Sandi Everlove and Washington Consortium for the Liberal Arts Chair Michael Zimmerman stated in a Seattle Times OpEd:

“When an imaginary controversy is promoted between STEM disciplines and the liberal arts, all it does is divert our attention from focusing on the larger problems associated with the lack of public funding for higher education. Such false controversies make poor public policy.”

With that conflict in mind, in no more than 500 words, please respond to the following adage:

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

For more details on the competition, click here, or contact Julie Shanholtzer at jshanholtzer@whitworth.edu

Also, don’t forget tonight’s Off-Campus Reading hosted by Westminster Round at Rocket Bakery (157 South Howard St) from 7-9 pm. Carpooling will be available in Westminster Hall at 6:20.

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