Rosie McFarland’s (’14) Video Series Meat & Potatoes Now on Spokane FAVS

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Congratulations to Rosie McFarland,’14, whose video series Meat & Potatoes was recently picked up by Spokane Faith and Values!  McFarland started the video series to address common questions people might have about Christianity in an informative and easy to understand way.

I started my YouTube channel (Lostbetweenthepages) in my junior year and loved working with video, but I saw a prevalence of atheistic bias in the YouTube community. The religious were criticized as being ignorant and judgmental, and so no religious people were given a chance (and admittedly there are some ignorant and judgmental people who claim to be religious on the internet). I wanted to bring in my own Christian perspective and answer questions that people might have about Christianity in an easy and informative way.

After quickly realizing that I would not have the expertise or the credibility to answer these questions on my own, I looked to our own Whitworth theology department. It took me a long time to gather the courage to ask some professors if they would be interested, but after I did, they seemed to think it was a great idea, so I started asking some pastors in the community as well.

I recorded some of their answers, created a backlog, and started posting them every Friday starting in January. I called the series “Meat & Potatoes” because as the tag-line says, “Just like we need real food, we need real questions.” While not getting a lot of views, there were a couple of discussions created around some of the videos.

A couple weeks ago, I approached Spokane Faith and Values, a non-profit website organization that creates discussions around different belief in the Spokane community. I asked if they would be interested in using any of my “Meat & Potatoes” videos on their website. In our meeting, they said they would want to make my video series an official part of their website, posting a video a week to facilitate discussions around the questions the professors and pastors were answering.

It officially started this week, posting my preface video on Monday on their website – welcoming me and my video series to Spokane FAVS. I was overjoyed to see my video project being welcomed into the community, and I am excited to see where all of this leads.

Link to the Spokane FAVS website post:

Link to the “Meat & Potatoes” playlist:

Next week I will be going to Haiti to film a mission trip with my home church while we build and work in a school there.

Rosie FAVS pic

Rosemary McFarland grew up in the mountains at a Christian summer camp before moving to the country. She says the beautiful surroundings made her fall in love with the outdoors. 

In her free time McFarland enjoys reading, making videos for her YouTube channel Lostbetweenthepages, and watching an unhealthy amount of television. She now attends Whitworth University and will graduate in May with a BA in English and a minor in theology. After raising money over the summer she will backpack around the UK, and then hopefully find a full time job somewhere in film.

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