Proof that Our Department has Talent

Check out these photos, courtesy of Josie Camarillo (’14), of the Pinecone Cabaret, the annual English Fun(d)raising Talent Show. If you missed it, here is your chance to check out the raw talent of our department, and if you were there, here is the chance you have been waiting for to relive the night.


Professor Nicole Sheets was the MC for the night.


Luke Eldredge (’16) instructed and performed how to ride a unicycle.


Meredith Friesen (’14) shared her musical skills on the piano.


Dana Stull (’16) performed her bird whistle and taught us all how to construct the ultimate paper airplane.


Professor Nicole Sheets and her husband Charlie had the world premiere of their band Makkaroon.


Rosie McFarland (’14) provided us with a taste of her YouTube channel Lostbetweenthepages


Jan Shannon talked about SpokaneFAVS (for which we ended up raising $58) and its mission.


Professor Casey Andrews sang the melancholy tunes of Brit Pop.


Ana Quiring (’14) read a comic compilation of her thoughts on being an English major (and explaining why), and her love of Virginia Woolf.


Hannah Brenneman (’14) also shared her musical skills and played the oboe.

Also, though there is a lack of photographic material (since she was the event photographer), Josie Camarillo regailed us of her experiences at Rodeo Bible Camp.


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