Celebrating SIRC 2014!

Congrats to our many students and faculty who participated in this year’s Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference!

pam parker SIRC

Dr. Pam Parker moderated a session, “Fabulous Foils in the Fiction of 18th-Century Britain.” Panelists included (from L to R), Lauren NuDelman, Rowanne Fairchild, Mary Schmick, and Laryssa Lynch.

sirc 2014 nonfictioneers2

Hannah Brenneman, Lauren NuDelman, Maggie Montague, and Flyn Stevens participated in the “Creating the Self In Creative Nonfiction” panel, moderated by yours truly.

kelli and doug

Dr. Doug Sugano and Kelli Hennessey take five after the morning sessions.

Not pictured: a bunch of other people, including Karina Basso, Josie Camarillo, Ana Quiring, Sami Starkey, and Audrey Strohm.

Even as I make this list, I’m sure I’m leaving people out. If you were there, and I missed you, leave a comment and I’ll gladly add you to the list!

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