Postcard from Iceland by Kirsten Bleeker (’15)

The air in Iceland smells of waffles, the sea, and the eternal threat of volcanic eruptions. This is everything I have been looking for. This is a country where fish is the prominent menu item, the way to say goodbye is “bless bless,” and both men and women sport top knots and tight pants. Many of the university buildings are absurdly modern. I don’t start my classes for a few more days, but they range from Italian fashion (the only art history course offered in English) and Japanese literature. I’m hoping to introduce the importance of setting up a snack and tea roster on the first day of class. Although dried cod and beer might be the Icelandic equivalent of comfort food. All is well here in Iceland, and I wish a wonderful Fall semester upon you all in Westminster! I will be updating my blog from time to time:

iceland1  iceland2

Kirsten Bleeker is spending her last semester of undergrad at the University of Iceland, and will be graduating with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Art History.

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