Alumni Update: Dave Fogelstrom (’92)

After I graduated in 1992, I was hired as a drama teacher at Antioch Junior High School in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Soon after, I started coaching football at Antioch High School.  Since that time, I went on to teach and coach at Deer Valley High School and Heritage High School, where I currently teach senior English.  Two years ago we established a Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Heritage High School and it has flourished.  I am blessed to be one of their leaders.  I was hired in 2012 to coach the quarterbacks at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg.

Over the last twenty plus years I have married an amazing lady named Tracy, had two Book Cover (2)children (Hannah and Jacob), and more recently I published a book.  It is currently available through Amazon and is titled McBeth and the Everlasting Gobstopper (check it out). The spelling error is most intentional. As a satiric look at teaching Shakespeare to high school students, the book has been well received by teachers, students, and those who just want a good laugh.  The book writing and publishing process was rewarding, frustrating, and amazing all at the same time.

Whitworth’s English department definitely prepared me for my current job as a teacher, and I find my knowledge of literature to be on par or beyond that of my colleagues.  Whitworth is a special place that gives you every opportunity to challenge yourself.  My advice to current students is to take advantage of literally every opportunity you can to learn and improve yourself in a variety of areas. I was blessed to have the best professors out there and my journey over the last two decades has shown that to be true.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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