NCUR Presenters

anna_kareninOn April 16, 17 and 18 Eastern Washington University hosted the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. English Majors Terra Ojeda (’15), Maggie Montague (’15) and Nick Avery (’16) presented their papers as part of the event.

Avery’s paper entitled “Searching for Anna in Anna Karenina” is a feminist analysis of Tolstoy’s classic novel that examines Anna as a non-allegorical character who challenges patriarchal values, and whose death is the result, not of moral wrong, but of flawed cultural modes.



Ojeda’s paper “An Animalistic and Supernatural Form of Justice” examines the flaws in the human justice system in Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat,” redefining justice as an act of supernatural intervention. Ojeda compares this reading to her reading of Poe’s “Murders at the Rue Morgue” to develop an argument that attempts to address the central flaws in the American Justice system.




Montague’s paper, “Perhaps Liars Do Prosper; An Exploration of Trickery and Heroism in Charles Brockden Brown’s Weiland” aligns the mysterious character Carwin with the trickster archetype, arguing that he is both a selfish, sexually driven character and a cultural hero who forces readers to reconsider the flaws in human reason and faith.



To read full abstracts of these papers, visit the NCUR website.

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