WaCLA Essay Winners

Congratulations to English Majors Elizabeth Merriam (’16) in the Junior/Senior category and Josh Tuttle (’17) and Chris Volk (’17) in the Freshman/Sophomore category for their winning essays!

The Washington Consortium for the Liberal Arts (WaCLA) advocates for the importance of a liberal arts education and believes that the voices of those who are benefiting from such an education are profoundly persuasive.

Whitworth students were invited to submit essays based on the prompt “A liberal arts education values ways of knowing that cross the humanities, the arts, and the social, natural, and physical sciences.  This multifaceted approach to knowledge inspires creative responses to important topics and pressing issues, both present and future.  Drawing on your experience with a specific topic or issue that you have explored either inside or outside of school, discuss the importance of the liberal arts as a means of engaging with the present and shaping our individual and collective future.”

The essays were judged in an anonymous format by a cross-disciplinary group of Whitworth faculty. These winning papers will be forwarded to the WaCLA statewide paper competition.


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