A Message from Whitworth Alum Rachel Means (2014)

While the phrase “an education of mind and heart” is sometimes a little overused at Whitworth, I love the mission behind it. Whitworth’s interest in touching both the mind and heart of the students made a huge difference to me when I was a student here. The teachers care about the students and helped me grow both as a student and as a person. Now I want to take what I learned at Whitworth and pass it on. I will be serving as a missionary for the next two years, teaching music at a Christian international boarding school in Germany: Black Forest Academy (BFA). BFA has a similar style and many of the same goals as Whitworth, but it is a middle school and high school rather than a university and it is intended for missionary children. Missionaries often have to send their children to boarding schools because it isn’t safe in the mission field or there aren’t adequate education opportunities, but this leads to the children often feeling neglected or abandoned, and they turn away from God. BFA strives to help these students build relationships with God and gain a solid education. I will be teaching violin, orchestra, and general music, so I will have the opportunity to work with the students one on one as well as in larger groups.

Because the teachers at BFA are acting as missionaries to these students, and because BFA wants to serve the missionary parents of the students by keeping tuition low, the teachers are required to raise their own support. I am hoping to leave for Germany in August, but I need to raise my entire monthly support first.

Please consider supporting me, and if you would like to know more, you can contact me at rmeans14@my.whitworth.edu, or at (360) 672-4033.

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