Tunes to Get You Through Finals: Kari Nixon Edition

Dr. Kari Nixon has exactly what you need to get pumped for Christmas vacation. Take a break from your papers and exams and rock out to this killer “upbeat and low-key” playlist!

Check it out here on Spotify or look below!
Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 9.12.03 PM

  1. “Technologic,” Daft Punk
  2. “Stjerner,” Karpe Diem
  3. “Silicone,” Mono
  4. “Vestkantsvartinga,” Karpe Diem
  5. “The Brainwasher,” Daft Punk
  6. “Club Montepulciano,” Hooverphonic
  7. “Tuna Fish,” Emilíana Torrini
  8. “Krølla 50’lapp y’all,” Daft Punk
  9. “2 Wicky,” Hooverphonic
  10. “Sour Times,” Portishead
  11. “Piano,” Karpe Diem
  12. “Autoharp,” Hooverphonic
  13. “They,” Jem
  14. “Renaissance Affair,” Hooverphonic
  15. “24” Jem
  16. “Ompa til du dør,” Kaizers Orchestra
  17. “Battersea,” Hooverphonic
  18. “Optimistic,” Worm Is Green
  19. “Robot Rock,” Daft Punk
  20. “Kråkevisa,” Leaves’ Eyes
  21. “Yess!,” Folk & Røvere
  22. “Manisk,” Trang Fødsel

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