“All We Did Was Survive”

If you enjoy film, literature, history, and how they intersect, you’re in luck!

Whitworth English professor Dr. Casey Andrews’ article, “‘All We Did Was Survive,’ Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk demands one’s attention towards English heritage and propaganda in the “immersive experience” of Christopher Nolan’s 2017 thriller, Dunkirk. Dr. Andrews’ piece analyzes the similarities and distinct oppositions of film style between the work of Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan. His review takes a look at the valuable yet possibly “off-putting” minimalistic features within Nolan’s directorship, and how Nolan’s intentional film, script, and character development choices should allow Dunkirk a seat beside “the classic World War II epics that studios churned out in the decades following the war.”

Please participate in exploring some of Whitwoth’s English professors’ accomplishments and publications by enjoying Dr. Andrews’ insightful and engaging review, here!


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