A Reflection on Marci Johnson and David Wright.

By Meghan Long

Marci Johnson and David Wright not only made an impression on me by simply being the adorably quirky couple that they are, but also through their intricate, thoughtful, and musical poetry.

I had the privilege of meeting these two poets before the reading in Laurie Lamon’s Poetry Writing workshop course that I am enrolled in. This was a special time for our class because we got to ask them questions such as, “how do you come up with your titles?” or “how to you integrate your faith into poetry?” Enlightened as we were by Johnson’s hot pink beanie marked with the word “Whatevs”, we also attained pieces of advice that will be helpful to us as writers ourselves. The reading on Tuesday evening was sensitive and funny, informational and witty, personal and jarring. Seeing photos and videos of what inspired Johnson’s writing up on a slideshow was incredibly helpful and interesting, and Wright’s explanation of his Bach pieces was intriguing.


Overall, this experience was one of a kind and breathed inspiration into the English department.



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