Thank You, Jericho Brown!

The Whitworth English Department had the honor of hosting poet Jericho Brown last week! More than sharing his beautiful and evocative poetry, Jericho had incredible things to say during an interview with Dr. Thom Caraway and Elyse Herrera. In his interview, he shared, concerning his writing process, “I have to grow my poems up.” Jericho’s philosophy of teaching and writing poetry aligns with the ways in which he writes his own work. Having grown up reading poetry, Jericho is now giving his poems space to grow themselves up as well. During Jericho’s Q&A, he was able to share his own philosophy of teaching poetry. Jericho believes poetry should be more than a short unit in elementary school, and that children should be exposed to poetry frequently and regularly. Just as his poems need “growing up,” he encourages his own students to read as much poetry as they can in order to let their own taste for and love of poetry “grow up” as well.

Please visit for more information about Jericho’s work as a poet. Thank you, Jericho Brown!


Photos by Caleb Scoon

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