Rambunctious Vernacular Podcast Strikes Again, Featuring Prof Brooke Kiener and Andy Rowland (’14)

Nicole Sheets

Theater professor and director Brooke Kiener and EL and theater major Andy Rowland (’14) share their creative nonfiction in the latest Rambunctious Vernacular podcast (9:01). Visit the RV blog to have a listen.

And hey, if you’ve got story ideas, hit me: nsheets@whitworth.edu

(Photo is from my March ’12 visit to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Fancy, I know).

Katie Carmella Dolan (’11) and Prof. Katie Creyts Featured In Spokane-Based Podcast

Q: Wait. Is Nicole using the EL Department blog as a platform for her own creative projects?

A: Well, it certainly seems that way.

Q: But this is still for the greater good and stuff?

A: Yes. Yes, I’m sure it is.

Rambunctious Vernacular is a Spokane-based podcast series in the vein of This American Life. I lifted (with permission) the name Rambunctious Vernacular from the homework of one of our talented undergrads, Josie Camarillo (’14).

Episode one (about 10:30) includes an interview with Katie Creyts, Associate Professor of 3-D art and sculpture at Whitworth, and EL and Theater alum, Katie Carmella Dolan (’11).

Have a listen! And if you’ve got story ideas, hit me: nsheets@whitworth.edu

(Sketch above from speartoons.)