A Public Service Announcement from the Tea Room Theme House

A public service announcement for your benefit:
Point one – there exists such a thing as the Whitworth Tea Room Theme House.
Point two – the residents of this house have tea to share.
Conclusion – at your earliest convenience, you should make your way over here!
Truthfully, it would be wonderful to have English friends pop by for a chat over a cup of tea. Make yourself at home on our fantastic, so-hideous-it’s-beautiful 70s floral mustard armchair. Come by, have some tea, watch a movie, hang out, and die a little inside when you have to go back and do homework. So it goes.
But wait: there’s more! We at the Tea Room are also planning an English department event! English majors, minors, aficionados, and professors are welcome to join us at teatime on October 5th for tea and treats. Get to know English lovers new and old. Talk about literature, classes, tea, and the BBC shows that frustrate you the most.
Come partake in a variety of delicious teas, the use of adorable teacups and eclectic mugs, and some delectable sandwiches and desserts. Enjoy a calm October afternoon amongst a group of fellow English-oriented individuals.
The Tea Room can be found near Hawthorne Hall, on Hawthorne Road, and across from that ever-classy establishment known as Jack-in-the-Box. (For the directionally impaired, there is a sign out front. You’re welcome.)
The Tea Room:
Jenna Hoole, Joanna Szabo, Katelyn Bitterman, and Shannon Ritchie