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What do Jodie Foster, James Franco, Steven Spielberg, and Conan O’Brien have in common? Besides being famous? No, they’re not Whitworth grads (are they? I’m sure Laura, Vic, or Leonard would have mentioned this to me by now).

Answer (from the title of this blog post): They’re all English majors.

Check out Tyler Vendetti’s snappy article “Yes, I’m an English Major. No, I Will Not Be Working At McDonald’s.”

Writes Vendetti: “An English major with no internships or writing experience will receive just as much consideration in the real world as a science major with nothing to their name but a diploma and proof of occasional trips to the science building in college. Jobs don’t come from the title of your major. They come from the experience that you latch onto it. The major you choose is only useless if you let it be useless.”

Preach it.

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